Muscat, The Royal Oman Police (ROP) is utilizing its full human and logistic capacities to lend support to operators of the national system for management of emergencies resulting from tropical cyclone /Shaheen/.

As part of its deployment and mobilization, the ROP delivered different types of supplies to people in stricken areas while its medical and special task units are performing the humanitarian role expected of them by transporting patients and backing different sectors.

Other operations being undertaken by the ROP include opening roads and arranging alternative paths in affected areas, hauling and transporting entangled and damaged vehicles by using heavy equipment, distributing drinking water tankers, draining ponds in residential areas and streets and removing debris from public places and roads.

The ROP is also conducting search, rescue, evacuation, eviction and transportation of people from endangered areas. Meanwhile, the Police Aviation is conducting sorties whenever needed in support of other sectors of the national relief mission.

The ROP cautions citizens and residents against frequenting endangered zones.

Source: Oman News Agency