RHIP to Operate in 2019

Muscat, Abdul Ameer bin Abdul Hussain al- Ajmi ,

PDO External Affairs and Value Creation Director , said that the Rabab

Harweel Integrated Project (RHIP) will start operating in the southern

region of the company’s concession which is the largest project

implemented by the company in terms of capital costs, and it will

provide the opportunity to develop 240 million barrels of oil and 100

million barrels of condensate and is expected to have a trillion cubic

feet of non-associated gas.

Al-Ajmi added that work is under way in the Yibal Khuff Project, one

of the most complex projects in the company’s history. He added that

these projects will play a major role in the development of economic

activity over the coming years in the Sultanate.

This came during a meeting organized by Petroleum Development

Oman (PDO) at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre under the

patronage of Ali bin Khalfan al- Jabri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of

Information with media professionals and journalists from various

media organizations in the Sultanate to discuss the latest

developments of the projects carried out by the company.

On the achievements of PDO in 2018, PDO External Affairs and

Value Creation Director said that the achievements of the company

during the past year will be reviewed in addition to current and future

projects at the annual conference to be organized by the Ministry of Oil

and Gas on March.20th 2019.

Al-Ajmi pointed out that PDO operates in the sixth square, with an

area of 90 thousand square kilometers, where 10000 wells have been

drilled in the 6th square, with distances of 1100 kilometers, indicating

that the most important challenges in the oil and gas sector is the

decline of light oil, which made the company use modern technology in

oil extraction techniques, including enhanced oil recovery and others.

Al-Ajmi explained that during the past year, the company applied 92

new technologies in the oil and gas sector and provided a project to

generate solar electricity in public parking in the company’s building in

Mina Al Fahal. He said in 2018, the company has provided more than

17,000 training opportunities coupled with employment, direct

employment or re-assimilation of national works in some fields and

contracts, pointing out that the company aims at availing 21,000 job

opportunities this year.

Source: Oman News Agency