The Royal Hospital (RH) represented by the National Heart Center organized for the first time in the Sultanate on the onset of November a workshop on mitral valve repair via interventional cardiac catheterization as an alternative to the conventional open-heart surgeries.

The surgical operations were performed successfully for a number of four high surgical risk patients suffering from severe and chronic mitral valve regurgitation. The patients were not candidates for traditional mitral valve repair or replacement open-heart.

Multidisciplinary hospital team managed to insert a catheter with a clip attached in an artery in the groin and guide it to the mitral valve.

While the conventional heart surgeries are performed by making an incision in the chest, this unconventional procedure does not require such thing that accelerates patient's recovery period.

In mitral valve regurgitation, the valve between the upper left heart chamber (left atrium) and the lower left heart chamber (left ventricle) doesn't close tightly, causing blood to leak backward into the left atrium (regurgitation), making the patient feel tired or out of breath.

Source: Ministry of Health Sultanate of Oman