Muscat, The idea for establishing the Cultural and Heritage House of

Restoration came in order to contribute to the preservation of human documentary heritage,

which is represented in manuscripts, documents and old correspondence.

The house was established in the Wilayat of A’Seeb, in the Governorate of Muscat, as a

voluntary institution. It was adopted as a self-help institution by Dr. Khalid bin Sulaiman al-

Kharousi in 1993 when he set up a laboratory for the handeling, restoration, binding and

preservation of manuscripts and historical documents in general.

The institution helps citizens, students, public library owners and governmental and

private cultural institutions to filter and conserve their cultural heritage, which contributes to

the protection of documentary from loss.

Dr. Khalid bin Sulaiman al-Kharousi, owner and founder of the “House of Restoration”

said: “This institution is the first of its kind and has been declared by the Ministry of Social

Development in 2011,”. He pointed out that the purpose of its establishment is to

contribute to handeling, restoration, binding and preservation of manuscripts and historical

documents as part of preserving the Omani Historical Identity, as well as to organize

workshops for some Omani youths to carry out the tasks of processing damaged books,

manuscripts and documents, and raise the level of knowledge among the society about the

importance of preserving this national wealth and the correct ways to deal with it.

He added to Oman News Agency (ONA): “The House of Restoration” consists of several

sections, including the section of sterilization, mechanical cleaning, handeling, restoration,

binding and preservation. He pointed out that thousands of ancient historical documents of

great importance are being restored through the “House of Restoration”. Their origins

extend from East Africa to the Maghrib and India.

The documents dealt with by the “House of Restoration” varied. They included medicine,

marine sciences, astronomy, geography and history, as well as theological aspects.

1030 manuscripts were maintained in the “House of Restoration” in the last two years,

10,647 documents, in addition to 590 restored books. There are now 333 manuscripts to

be maintained by the house, as well as 318 documents and 64 books.

About the achievement of the house, al-Kharousi said: “We received the praise and

blessing from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and a letter from His Eminance Sheikh

Ahmed bin Hamad al-Khalili, the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate, praising the efforts of the”

House of Restoration “. The house won Sultan Qaboos Award for Voluntary Work in 2011,

and the Cultural Achievement Award of 2018 as the best national cultural project at the

national level by the Omani Association of Writers and Literati.”

The House of Restoration welcomes a number of visitors from inside and outside the

Sultanate to view its modern equipment in the maintenance and indexing of old documents

and books, as well as participating in many cultural events in the Sultanate.

Source: Oman News Agency