Madrid, AC Milan will be the visitors to the

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on August 11, yet it’s the 2019 edition of

the Bernabeu Trophy, which is at the top of Real Madrid’s agenda with

several tributes being planned a year in advance.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to find a new challenge in his

illustrious career was met with surprise in the Spanish capital, however,

after nine seasons of incredible service he was allowed to depart for


The Portuguese international will arrive in Turin as the Ballon

d’Or holder and there is hope within the Bianconeri that he is the talent

that can finally make the difference in their Champions League efforts.

Whilst replacing his goals could prove almost impossible for

Los Blancos, there is no bitterness at the departure, and Ronaldo will

be invited back to Madrid with Juventus set to be asked to take part in

the 2019 Bernabeu Trophy.

This is a tradition for the pre-season friendly match with Raul

Gonzalez having previously returned with Al-Sadd in 2013 whilst Hugo

Sanchez returned to take part as the coach of Pumas.

Iker Casillas was also the subject of such an offer in both 2017

and 2018, however Porto have been unable to fit the fixture into their

schedule in either season and thus the goalkeeping great is still

awaiting his return to the club.

Due to the time-frame before the new season and how far in

advance these matches need to be arranged, Juventus simply couldn’t

be the opponents in 2018.

Relations between Ronaldo and Florentino Perez had been cold

for many months leading up to his exit, but there now seems to be

warmth on either side with the European champions determined to

honour one of their all-time greats, the Spanish MARCA newspaper


Source: Oman News Agency