Madrid, Once the accounts of last season

have been made public, it is obvious that Real Madrid beats Barcelona

in terms of ordinary revenue received.

Los Blancos have earned 748.04 million euros compared to

686m for the Blaugrana. Barcelona got 227m euros from the transfer of

Neymar and others while Real Madrid received 54.21m euros for the

sale of Morata.

The growth of Real comes from the income corresponding to

international competitions and friendly matches.

Champions League games contributed 85.46m euros, 4m for

the Spanish Super Cup and Club World Cup, and 18.54m euros was

earned by the summer tour.

Television rights accounted for 178.4m euros, but marketing is

the one that commands the most with 297m euros (26m from Adidas).

Real Madrid and the German brand are negotiating a new and

big contract, and it’s speculated it could even be the largest amount

ever for a football club.

There’s been a lot of talk about the loan that Florentino Perez

will request from the Assembly for the revamp of the Estadio Santiago

Bernabeu (550m euros).

Initially, the work would be paid by the IPIC fund, with 400

million euros guaranteed, and the president of the club will ask the

delegates for a yes to the credit request.

The sponsorship of the stadium could bring a similar contract

for Valdebebas whilst also pending is the renewal with the main

sponsor of the entity, in this caseEmirates.

Sporting successes bring with them the consequent bonuses

to the players.

The four titles achieved last season have meant a disbursement

of 56m euros, to which we must add another six million for the

basketball double; ACB League and Euroleague.

Salaries and signings were a point above the level of financial

control UEFA have determined.

In total this was at 534m euros, equivalent to 71 percent of the

budget, but that’s nothing like Barcelona’s 84 percent, the Spanish

MARCA newspaper reported.

Source: Oman News Agency