On his return from the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where he attended the Catholic Patriarchs of the East Council meetings, Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi pursued today the Rosary prayer in Bkirki, with the participation of believers in Lebanon and the world, dedicated to Lebanon's salvation from its current crisis.

In his homily, the Patriarch prayed for the country's officials to "get out of their state of deadlock, abandon their rigid stances and take the path of goodness and righteousness."

Al-Rahi prayed for the souls of the fallen martyrs to rest in peace and for the Lord to inspire compassion and devotion in the hearts of state officials. "Perhaps this would drive the conscience of those responsible for the growing devastation at all levels...who stand as idols with no feelings and without realizing what is happening," he said. Rahi called for "intensifying prayers for them [officials] so that God can move their consciences and free their wills, so they would understand the meaning of responsibility."

He added: "Responsibility is not a boastful matter, but rather a service and selflessness for the common good."

The Patriarch concluded by indicating that the Church is supporting the people's civil movement in wake of its conviction that "from this civic movement, a new Lebanon will be born."

Source: National News Agency