Caretaker State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mahmoud Qamati, expressed Saturday commitment to PM Saad Hariri to head the new government, in light of his Sunni representation and his role in taking responsibility for the crisis prevailing in the country.

"Positive windows to the solution have opened in wake of the international community's message to various political parties in the country, including more than one international side," Qamati said in an interview with "Sawt El Mada" Radio Station earlier today.

He stressed that "there will be no street against another; for every street is our street and we agree to all its livelihood demands."

Qamati considered that the financial policies that have been adopted for the last thirty years and more are responsible for the crisis we are living today, in addition to the external pressure on Lebanon. "Lebanon is required today to embrace the displaced Syrians and the resettlement of the Palestinians within the deal of the century, whereby Lebanon's rejection of these resolutions does not satisfy Washington, which is why it is putting economic pressure on us," he explained.

On the issue of naming the new prime minister, Qamati said: "The decision to postpone the parliamentary consultations is logical and wise, in order to avoid problems."

"There are international threats to any government of one color, so we do not want to drag the country towards any risks. We do not deny that the presence of PM Hariri or any figure of his choice helps Lebanon due to international acceptance," he asserted.

Qamati reiterated his support for any reform measures by the government, calling on Hariri to convene the cabinet in a session that would help in easing the situation as much as possible, and increase the level of optimism among the Lebanese.

Source: National News Agency