Public Prosecution Issues Statement Prohibiting Tribal Gatherings, Meetings

Muscat, The Public Prosecution has confirmed to

citizens and residents of the Sultanate that it will take all relevant legal

measures against all those who call for, promote, instigate or assist in

tribal meetings or gatherings via whatever means of social media, or

any other means that is beyond the limits of the law.

A statement issued by the Public Prosecution today said that

stemming from its keenness to participate in safeguarding the

achievements of the Blessed Renaissance, whose foundations and

pillars were established by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, based

on respect for the rule of law and building a modern state of

institutions, whose corners are completed through the issuance of the

Basic Law of the State, which affirms in its provisions that “peace is the

goal of the state, and the safety of the nation is a responsibility of all

citizens” to maintain cohesion and peaceful coexistence, and ensure

rights for all under laws that aim at preventing anything that might

impact the society, its security and interdependence.

Given the recent observation of some individuals of the

community attempting to organise tribal meetings and gatherings and

promote for them through various means of social media, which would

prejudice the public order and disturb security and stability of the

society, and stemming from the legal responsibility of the Public

Prosecution to take public action in the name of the society and to

ensure the application of penal laws and prosecution of offenders and

the implementation of judgments, the Public Prosecution stated that

the commission of such acts falls under the crimes punished by the

Articles 108, 121, 122, 123 and 124 of the Penal Code promulgated by

the Royal Decree No. 7/2018 and may constitute other offenses

stipulated in the relevant laws.

“The Public Prosecution confirmed to the citizens and residents in the

Sultanate that it would take all relevant legal measures against all

those who call for, promote, incite or assist in tribal gatherings through

whatever means of social media or any means beyond the law, or

those who seek to undermine the security and public order or to

undermine the prestige of the state and its status or to provoke a sense

of hatred, disgust and division among people of the country. May Allah

the Almighty safeguard Oman and the Architect of its Blessed

Renaissance; His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said,” the statement


Source: Oman News Agency