Beijing, A rocket developed by Chinese

company iSpace blasted into space today carrying three miniature

satellites in another milestone for the country’s budding private

spaceflight industry.

Reports said the SQX-1Z rocket took off from the Jiuquan

Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China and entered space at a

suborbital level. Two of the satellites will be released into space for

testing while the third will re-enter the atmosphere and parachute down

to Earth.

It was believed to be the first time a private Chinese company

had carried satellites into space. Founded in 2016, iSpace is develops

high-quality, low-cost, fast-responding commercial launchers to serve

micro-satellite manufacturers, operators, research institutes and

universities at home and abroad, according to a company statement.

China’s space program has traditionally been run by the military,

but a number of commercial satellite launchers have also sprung up in

recent years, modeled on private U.S. companies, such as SpaceX and

Blue Origin.

In May, Beijing-based OneSpace Technologies became the first

private Chinese spaceflight company to send a rocket into space,

launching its relatively modest 9-meter (30-foot) OS-X for a test flight

that ended with it falling back to Earth, the Associated Press (AP) news


Source: Oman News Agency