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President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met MP, Simon Abi Ramia, today at the Presidential Palace.

MP Abi Ramia briefed the President on the results of his recent trip to Paris and the meetings he held several French Parliament and Senate members, and the ongoing preparations in the field of fighting corruption and recovering smuggled funds to France.

MP Abi Ramia also stated that he is working with members of the Lebanese-French Parliamentary Friendship Committee in the Senate and the Parliament to adopt initiatives related to how to help Lebanon, return smuggled funds to France and Europe, revealing that preparations are underway for a conference to be held in Lebanon on fighting corruption, with the participation of MPs and members of the Senate and French specialists, such as the French Anti-Corruption Agency and others.

In addition, Abi Ramia expressed his condemnation of the programmed campaign targeting the Presidency of the Republic, “Which crossed all boundaries, and reflected the reality of the positions of those in charge towards the President of state who is entrusted with the constitution, protector of sovereignty and national partnership, and who is vigilant through his constitutional oath on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country”.

“The initiative that President Aoun took yesterday to address the repercussions caused by the State Consultative Council’s decision, and the announcement of the Governorship of the Central Bank on circular No. 151, spared the country further turmoil and preserved stability and citizen interest” Abi Ramia added.

“It is surprising that there were objections to the presidential initiative which aimed first and foremost at achieving public interest, as if what is required is to continue targeting the President of state no matter what he does” MP Abi Ramia concluded.

Ambassador Karam:

The President received head of the “Légion d’honneur” association, Ambassador Dr. Khalil Karam, who briefed him on the association’s activities in the social and cultural fields.

Ambassador Karam also presented the ongoing preparations for the association’s centenary celebration next October, with high-level French and European participation. It is noteworthy that this event coincides with the end of the first centenary of the birth of Greater Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency