The Presidency Information Office issued a response statement this evening to the Future Parliamentary Bloc’s apology for not participating in the meeting called for by the President of the Republic next Wednesday to present the reform plan prepared by the government, where it indicated that if the Bloc has the right to apologize for not attending, it has no right to claim the existence of “political practices exceeding the limits of the constitution”.

“It is not the first time that the President of the Republic calls the heads of the parliamentary blocs to a national meeting in the Presidential Palace to discuss important issues in Lebanese national life, out of His Excellency’s keenness on consulting with said leaders in all matters related to the future of the country,” the statement said.

It considered that the irony lies in the fact that the Future Bloc, which talks about ‘exceeding the limits of the constitution’ did actually participate in similar national meetings that were previously held in Baabda Palace. “Were these meetings unconstitutional as well?” it questioned.

“The objectives of the meeting are clear and specific in extending an invitation to the heads of parliamentary blocs, namely to inform them about the details of the reform plan and to listen to their remarks about it. The aim of the meeting is not to vote on the plan or confiscate the role of the Parliament Council,” the statement underlined. It added that the President does not seek this whatsoever, nor can the heads of blocs and parties claim that they can undermine the role of the House of Parliament.

The statement went on to reassure that the goal of the President of the Republic is to secure national unity towards the government’s economic plan and pave the way for the discussions that will take place in the House of Parliament later after referring the plan’s draft laws, so that each party of the opposition or pro-government bears responsibility for enabling Lebanon to emerge from its current crisis and achieving the required national partnership.

“The invitation extended by His Excellency to the heads of the parliamentary blocs falls within the core of the cooperation between the institutions on which the Lebanese system is based, and therefore, refraining from participating in the meeting will entail that the abstainer bears the national responsibility in terms of the repercussions of the decision towards the Lebanese, who are eager to get out of the harsh conditions in which they live, and towards the international community that is watching and waiting for a united Lebanese position to help overcome this ordeal,” the statement concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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