Muscat, The Sultanate is currently witnessing the

Perseids, which are the most famous meteor showers. The Perseids

started in July 17 and will continue up to 24th August 2018.

The Perseids, which are the most famous summer meteors, will

reach peak on Sunday 12th August up to early hours of Monday 13th

August. The fall of the meteors will be at a rate of 80 meteors per hour

and a 60 km/second speed.

Ali bin Amer al-Shibani, Head of the Omani Astronomical Society

said that the date of the meteors can be forecasted and that meteors

may last for hours, days or weeks.

“The best nights to follow the fall of such meteors will be 11th,

12th and 13th of August 2018. The peak will be from 9.00 pm on

Sunday 12th August to 4.30 am on Monday 13th August.

Source: Oman News Agency