Muscat, Participants at the Ministerial Meeting

“The Road to the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the Eastern-

Mediterranean Region” sent a cable of thanks and appreciation to His

Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

The participants expressed their utmost thanks and appreciation

to His Majesty for the warm welcome and generous hospitality

extended to them during their stay in the Sultanate. They also

expressed their admiration of the comprehensive renaissance being

witnessed by the Sultanate in all spheres, as well as welfare enjoyed

by the Omani citizen and resident under the wise leadership of His

Majesty the Sultan.

The participant also expressed their delight for the Sultanate’s,

represented by the Ministry of Health, repeated host of such

international events stemming from the confidence of the Sultanate’s

prestigious international position and its good reputation. They also

expressed their gratitude to take part in this meeting. They valued the

efforts exerted, facilities and constant work by organisers, which had

the effective impact in the success of the meeting. This also affirms the

care accorded by His Majesty and his Government to developing the

health system in the Sultanate and the level of progress being

witnessed by the health sector in the Sultanate, as well as the constant

efforts being exerted by the Government to upgrade this vital sector to

provide high-quality, efficient health services. They also appreciated the

Sultanate’s continuous, constructive cooperation with international

health organisations.

The WHO-UHC participants concluded their cable by praying to

Allah the Almighty to protect His Majesty the Sultan and grant him

good health, wellbeing and a long life, and the Omani people

permanent progress and prosperity.

The WHO-UHC Ministerial Meeting was hosted by the Sultanate

during 3 to 5 September 2018.

Source: Oman News Agency