Pakistani Newspaper Stresses” The Sultanate One of the Most Stable, Peaceful countries in the World.”

Islamabad, The Pakistan Observer stressed that the Sultanate today is one of the most stable and peaceful countries in the world.

The newspaper added that the Sultanate has witnessed unprecedented social and economic development in the past 48 years, as well as the prevalence of peace and security in the country.

It added that the Sultanate is now in the advanced position in the index of economic freedom and has a prominent position in the index of ease of doing business.

It pointed out that Oman’s journey towards progress and prosperity under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said is a model for third world countries, especially for the Islamic world, as it is a model that combines Islamic and world heritage with modernity.

The Pakistan Observer added that His Majesty has not only devised plans and policies aimed at the well-being of his people, but also ensured their strong implementation, noting that because of his dedication and sincerity, His Majesty has earned great respect among his people and has been classified as one of the best men of state in the modern world.

It added that the Sultanate’s gross domestic product rose from only $256 million in 1970 to more than $80 billion, a major achievement because of the cumulative impact of good governance that has made Oman look like peace oasis and Muscat is one of the cleanest cities in the world and the Sultanate is one of the best countries in religious tolerance.

It noted the existence of a committed and serious team that translated the vision of His Majesty the Sultan into reality, among them are Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed al- Rowas, His Majesty the Sultan’s Advisor for Cultural Affairs and Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour bin Said al- Hasani, Minister of Information.

The Pakistan Observer added that Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed al-Rowas, His Majesty the Sultan’s Advisor for Cultural Affairs, was named as a man of Arab heritage last year in recognition of his efforts to enhance the heritage of the Sultanate and Arab heritage in general. Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour bin Said al- Hasani, Minister of Information, played a significant role in presenting innovative ideas for the modernization of the media in Oman, including the launch of the “Media Excellence Contest” to help promote professional skills by the media.

It added that the Sultanate and Pakistan have always enjoyed friendly relations covering various areas of life and economy, stressing that there is a desire on both sides to transfer those relations to new levels. The visit of Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistani Army in March 2018 came at the right time as it provided an opportunity for the two countries to assess regional developments and how to align their policies in the areas of security and defence.

Source: Oman News Agency