Muscat, The Public Authority for Craft Industries

(PACI) organised a national workshop in Muscat on ways of preserving

and developing handicrafts in the Sultanate. The workshop is

implemented by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural

Organization (ISESCO) with the participation of the Oman National

Commission for Education, Culture and Science.

The workshop focuses on the reality of the craft industries in

the Sultanate and the challenges of promoting and developing them. It

also discussed the best ways to protect them and renew their images

of creativity and innovation, in addition to discussing ways to enhance

the abilities of craftsmen working in this sector.

The workshop includes a number of themes, among them

“Craft Industries between Authenticity and Modernity,” “Craft Industries

and Competiveness,” and “Marketing Obstacles,” in addition to

“Innovation and Renovation and their Role in the Development of

Traditional Crafts, Handicrafts” and “Local Tourism Development.

PACI signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the

ISESCO to enhance cooperation and consolidate joint work in areas of

mutual interest to serve both parties.

Source: Oman News Agency