Muscat, Oman Traditional Music Center (OTMC) of

Sultan Qaboos Higher Center for Culture and Science will organize

tomorrow Friday at Grand Mall Muscat an exhibition for its books,

publications and audio tapes. The exhibition will include live music

performances in addition to documentary photographs.

The exhibition aims at attracting visitors and raise their awareness

about the Omani traditional music and arts through the publications

and audio tapes of the centre, which represent the archive of Oman

Traditional Music Center since its opening in 1984. It also aims at

raising visitors’ awareness of the activities and efforts carried out by the

Center as well as the key events organized in the Governorate of

Muscat and abroad to safeguard the spiritual value of the traditional

heritage and the cultural identity of the Omani musical instruments.

The exhibition will include a number of pictures that document the

Omani Music Days.

Source: Oman News Agency