Omq Al Rabakh, Picturesque Coastal Village Surrounded by Mountains in Quriyat

Quriyat, The village of Omq Al Rabakh is located in the Wilayat of Quriyat in the Governorate of Muscat, which is known for its varied terrain of mountains, seas, plateaus and valleys that make it a destination for tourists from inside and outside the Sultanate.

Omq Al Rabakh Village is a mountainous village that is located 66 km away from Quriyat. It is located on the western side of the Sea of Oman, in the eastern Al Hajar Mountain range. It has difficult terrain and is surrounded by mountains at high altitudes.

The village is bordered on the west by the villages of Wassal and Souka, to the east by the Jinn Cave, which can be reached by foot through a mountain trail or by vehicles.

Omq Al Rabakh Village is called so because of its depth and Al Rabakh is a name of a tribe that lives in the village.

Omq Al Rabakh Village is a beautiful coastal village that attracts lovers of mountain nature. It is one of the most important villages with a tourist attraction in the wilaya because it possesses natural potentials, and surrounded by mountains from all sides, and abound by the big rocks, in addition to a number of neighborhoods, including Masjoola, Mazra, Al Burj, Al Dar, Khub and Araf.

The villagers usually work in date palm fronds industry, raising cattle, date-palm growing, locally known as Al Barni, Al Naghal, Al Khenaizi, Al Khasab etc.), which depend on the Aflaj resources “ancient irrigation system or water channels”.

The villagers also grow various trees like mangos, lemons, and bananas). There are also a number of wild trees like Sidr, Acacia etc. The village is famous for mountain honey, which is considered one of the best natural honey.

Omq Al Rabakh village is rich in tourist attractions, such as caves, ancient mosques and used as a tourist passageway to the Jinn Cave through a mountain trail used by visitors to reach the cave. The village has Al Ais Cave that was used by the villagers as a refuge for them when it rains or in rough winds and climatic conditions.

The village has many migratory birds, and there are resident birds that reflect the beauty of the mountainous sites and green spaces, such as Sand Partridge and some types of falcons, as well as pigeons and various sparrows. The village is a haven for many rare animals, for its closeness to Ras Al Shajar Reserve that contributes to the presence and reproduction of these animals.

Sheikh Khamis bin Mohammed al-Rabakhi, Sheikh of the village, said: “The village of Omq Al Rabakh is a populated village, one of the mountain villages located in the eastern mountain range, and administratively is affiliated to the Wilayat of Quriyat in the Governorate of Muscat. The area of the village rises above the sea level by more than 5 meters. The villagers preserve authentic Omani customs and traditions related to costumes, housing, lifestyle, hospitality and the practice of folklore arts, such as “Al Razha” and “Al A’zi”.

He added, “The village is one of the tourist attractions in the Wilayat of Quriyat because it is located in the heart of a number of tourist sites. It is famous for an archaeological site, which includes a collection of pottery containing pre-Islamic inscriptions and ancient tombs supervised by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The village has high mountains that are suitable for adventure sports, climbing and paragliding. There are a number of springs, like the continuous-flowing Wadi Hawan Spring.

Source: Oman News Agency