Muscat, Omantel, the first and leading provider

of integrated telecommunications services in the Sultanate, has joined

hands with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) by offering its

smart telecom solutions to help the organization have a more

innovative approach in addressing the health, nutrition and education

of children in Oman.

The agreement comes in line with the Sultanate’s and UNICEF’s

visions to improve the well-being of children and provide them with the

highest level of healthcare, education, and civil and legal rights, as per

the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where children are at the

heart of the agenda.

Talal bin Said al-Mamari, CEO of Omantel, commented The

Sultanate has made remarkable achievements in protecting children’s

rights, and these achievements have eventually lead to issuing the

Child Law in the Sultanate, which was a milestone achievement.

Likewise, health, educational and social services offered to children

have been enhanced and further developments are ongoing.

As a national company that strives to implement its well-established

telecom infrastructure in developing every aspect of life in the

Sultanate, we are glad to cooperate with an international organization

like UNICEF that makes tremendous efforts to better the outcomes for

children around the world. We will make every effort to support

UNICEF and our government’s sustained initiatives in enhancing the

well-being of children in the Sultanate, he added.

In a changing and increasingly digital world, maximizing

technology and media is one of the most effective methods for

spreading awareness and enhancing learning opportunities for


Omantel-UNICEF partnership will improve access to information

regarding health, nutrition, education and child-protection while

pushing forward various innovative projects supported by UNICEF. The

partnership will utilize Omantel’s wide-reaching communication

channels to share knowledge on positive rearing practices and factors

that produce better results for children in the Sultanate, and will be a

particularly helpful tool for parents and caretakers.

Lana al-Wreikat, UNICEF representative in the Sultanate, said It

is very important to us at UNICEF to have this partnership with

Omantel, and I want to thank them for their commitment to children in

Oman. Our engagement with the private sector, especially those like

Omantel who offer a public service and have exceptional technologies

and data capacities, serves to support the children’s agenda and help

achieve the 2030 Global Goals. This agreement is a great example of

a growing movement of the private-sector building partnerships to

champion for children’s rights. The expertise from Omantel will help us

invest in what we know works for children, and build on Oman’s

progress towards good health, well-being, and quality education � part

of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. Children

are at the heart of the SDG’s and will be the most affected by the

decisions we make today, so it is vital that we continue moving forward

together, learning from each other, and scaling-up what works.

Source: Oman News Agency