MUSCAT, Oman, The Ministry of Tourism Oman, has opened Muttrah Castle, before tourists and visitors to the Sultanate. The Castle will be an important addition that contributes to enriching cultural tourism.

It is also a niche tourism product and important addition to the castles and forts, that were transformed into tourist sites at many governorates in the Sultanate.

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to attract bids for investing Muttrah Castle and the grand house down the castle. It also seeks to engage companies with experience, in managing historic sites to maximise the benefit from the castle potentials.

Muttrah Castle provides visitors with good view of Mina Sultan Qaboos, Muttrah Castle and other nearby tourist attractions, in the Wilayat of Muttrah; thanks to the castle’s location on mountain tops. Muttrah Castle is one of the historic castles and major tourist attractions in the Wilayat of Muttrah.

“The Castle includes a cultural unique area that attracts visitors to take a round inside and round the castle, to get an idea on the architectural designs and defensive fortifications of the castle, said Abdullah bin Salim al- Dhuhli, Assistant Director General for Sites Development and Resorts, at the Ministry of Tourism.

He pointed out that, the Castle includes a number of old cannons of different ages and origins (Oman, France, Portugal, France, U.S.A, India and Persia). There are three types of carriages; for battle use, for ships and fixed for buildings, such as castles, in addition to other carriages.

The Ministry of Tourism is conducting studies and making efforts to develop this tourist attraction, as it believes in the importance of maintaining this site and placing it on the tourism map of the Sultanate, al- Dhuhli concluded.

Source: Nam News Network