MUSCAT, Oman, Oman Wastewater Services Company, organised a seminar, to unveil the broad lines of its master-plan for the future sanitary drainage projects, which cover all parts of the Sultanate,

except for Muscat and Dhofar Governorates.

The seminar was attended by representatives of the various stakeholders. Suleiman bin Khamis al-Qasmi, Director General of Asset Management, said, the company started with the plan, after the government had delegated Haya Water, mid 2014, with the task of building, developing, managing and maintaining the sanitary drainage utilities at the governorates, which where managed previously by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.

Haya Water serves 44 wilayats (districts) with varying density population and topography. He added that, as per the master-plan, the number of water treatment plants will reach 133, with a total capacity of 979,000 cubic metres per day. The plants will serve about 4.1 million people by 2045.

He pointed out that, the first stage includes 21 water treatment plants, with varying capacities between 10,000 and 85,000 cubic metres per day. The plants will cover 70% of the Sultanate’s population, at the nine governorates.

The second stage includes 65 medium water treatment plants that will cover 17% of the population and will produce about 930 cubic metres per day. The plants are expected to produce 370 tonnes of sludge.

“The 2,765 km long main network and the 31,350 km long sub network, will cover 86 areas or 4.1 million people by 2045, or 86% of the coverage level. About 755,000 facilities will be connected to the water treatment network,” he added.

“The (2018�2045) master-plan, which will cost about RO 6 billion (USD 15.60 billion), seeks to integrate the public-private partnership in building the plants, and benefiting from the revenues generated from the sale of treated water and fertilisers,” al-Qasmi concluded.

Source: Nam News Network