Salalah, The Exhibition of the Omani Women Associations in the Governorate of Dhofar opened this evening at the Municipality Entertainment Centre in Salalah as part of Salalah Tourism Festival 2018, and continues until August 25th.

The opening ceremony was held under the patronage of Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al- Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, the Supervisor General of the festival, in the presence of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al- Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service and a number of dignitaries and visitors.

The exhibition includes a variety of pavilions including incense, perfumes, pottery, palm fronds industry, Omani traditional clothes and cuisine, as well as other commercial exhibits embodying traditional crafts.

The exhibition will be attended by a number of small and medium-sized women entrepreneurs and productive families from different wilayats, as well as by the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) in the Governorate of Dhofar.

Source: Oman News Agency