Omani Products Expo kicks off in Kenya

Nairobi, With the aspiration to explore new

markets for the Omani industries in East African countries, the Omani

Products Exhibition (OPEX 2018) was inaugurated at Kenyatta

International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya today under the

auspices of Hon. Adan Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of

East African Community and Regional Development in Kenya.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Dr. Ali bin Mas’oud

al-Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Saleh bin Sulaiman

al-Harthy, Sultanate’s Ambassador to Kenya, officials and businessmen

from the Omani and Kenyan sides.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ali bin Mas’oud al-Sunaidy, Minister of

Commerce and Industry stressed the importance of organising the

ninth edition of OPEX in Nairobi, which is the destination that was

selected by the Omani companies and factories. This exhibition comes

at a very opportune time as Kenya is currently focusing on four major

sectors on which the economy is based. Most of the Omani products

that are featured in the event belong to these sectors, al-Suanidy said,

adding: We should also note that there are four direct flights on a

weekly basis from Muscat to Nairobi, which gives a push for the Omani

products to enter the Kenyan market. We hope that the number of

flights get increased during the coming period. Additionally, there is a

direct shipping line between Port of Salalah and Port of Mombasa,

which we visited with a group of businessmen. We have noted an

interest from their side to sign an MoU with Port of Salalah to exchange

information and explore more facilities.

On his side, Hon. Adan Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Kenya’s

Ministry of East African Community and Regional Development,

expressed his contentment on the products that are featured at the

event and praised the diversity and quality of the Omani products. The

Sultanate is an investment gateway for Eastern African countries in the

Middle East region and it enjoys strong historical ties with Kenya, he

pointed out.

He added that the Omani products will undoubtedly find

necessary support and facilities to enter the Kenyan market.

Commenting on the participation of Oman Chamber of

Commerce and Industry (OCCI), Rashid bin Amer al-Muslihi, Deputy

Chairman of the Board of Directors of OCCI for Administrative and

Financial Affairs, said: Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry is

organising this event hand in hand with the Public Establishment for

Industrial Estates (PEIE) and the Public Authority for Investment

Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa) in an effort to support the

private sector’s bodies and find new markets for the Omani products.

A video was screened at the inauguration ceremony to brief the

attendees on the investment climate in the Sultanate and the available

investment opportunities. Besides, the video briefed on the vision of

PEIE, which is to enhance the Sultanate’s position as a leading

regional centre of manufacturing, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship

excellence, and its mission in attracting industrial investments and

providing continued support, through regionally and globally

competitive strategies, good infrastructure, value adding services, and

easy governmental processes. The video also highlighted the efforts

undertaken by Ithraa to translate its commitment in promoting the

business benefits of Oman to a global audience, strengthening the

image and profile of the Sultanate as an investment and business

destination, and building a strong economy.

the four-day exhibition is organised by a committee formed by

the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), Public Authority

for Investment Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa), and Oman

Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI).

More than 80 Omani companies are participating in the

exhibition, and more than 200 businessowners from Oman are

attending the event. A number of SMEs are also taking part in the

exhibition. These companies represent different sectors such as natural

resources, metals, wood products, manufacturing products, furniture,

foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, fertilisers, plastics,

perfume, leather, logistics services, in addition to the participation of a

number of related governmental bodies and Small and Medium

Enterprises (SMEs).

A variety of opportunities are available for the Omani products in

the markets of Kenya and its neighbouring countries. The Omani

industrialists have selected Kenya to be the next destination for OPEX

in order to explore the African market in general and the Kenyan

market in particular, especially that Kenya and its neighbouring

countries enjoy promising and dynamic markets. With an area of

580.367 km�, the economy of Kenya is based on agriculture (78%). The

main crops grown by Kenya include coffee, tea, banana, corn, rice,

wheat, cotton, among others, as well as it relies on livestock grazing

such as goats, cows, sheep and camels.

The series of OPEX events seek to diversify the export channels

of Omani products, boost export relations and increase the volume of

exports by providing the Omani exporters with the opportunity to

introduce their products to new markets, and find commercial agents

for distributing products in the foreign markets.

Source: Oman News Agency