Muscat, The Omani Author Ammar Mahfoodh Al Naaimi recently published Sarim, an urban action fantasy taking place in Muscat, 2019.

Sarim is a 352-page fantasy novel exploring themes of overcoming self-loathing, exploring oneself, and how empowering the youth is truly the way towards brighter horizons. It follows the action-packed adventures of Mishal, a 15-year-old exorcist aiming to protect humans from malicious jinn.

The novel’s cover art was provided by Mohammed Al Attar. Furthermore, Sarim is available through local distributors such as Family Books, and local libraries like Al Rudha, Booklands, Pages Muscat, and Suika Art Café. Readers and reviewers commented that Sarim was the first time they’d been exposed to fantasy revolving around Oman.

About his novel, Al Naaimi said: “Fantasy has always been my companion, so I find this this type of novel the best way to ask questions about the world around us.

“I want to write fantasy which acts as a refuge, provides fun, and doesn’t preach to the reader,” he added.

Source: Oman News Agency