Omani Export Week to Begin Tomorrow

Muscat, The Omani Export Week (OEW) will begin at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre tomorrow (Sunday).

The opening of the five-day OEW will be held under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications.

The program of the event includes 15 specialized workshops at which a number of export experts will take part. The participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge on how to initiate export. They will also discuss the best practices in this field at the world markets.

The first day workshops under the theme “Export, does the business fit you” will cover the business data, designing, export plan and challenges of the international cultural differences.

The second day workshops will cover the pricing at the foreign markets, preparing products for export, the standards and specifications of products for export, as well as trade and financial export guarantee.

The third day workshops will focus on product transportation, shipping, intellectual property rights related to trade, trademarks, packaging and card classification.

The fourth day will be dedicated to e-marketing, presence on the website of international trade and the other social networks.

The fifth day workshops will focus on entrepreneurs and exporters. They will also present some local success stories in the field of export.

The event is the first of its kind organized by Ithraa that gathers all stakeholders involved in export in the Sultanate under one roof to streamline efforts and assist Omani entrepreneurs and exporting companies or potential exporters to have access to and sell their products at the world markets.

The week-long event will focus on a range of important issues, such as the market research, the cultural differences at the targeted markets, the intellectual property rights, the international sales, marketing, export opportunities at the emerging marketing and e-marketing. The participants will have the opportunity to get advice by Ithraa and other experienced Omani exporters.

Talib bin Saif al-Makhmari, Director General of Marketing and Media at Ithraa said that the Sultanate owns a number of local markets that have exportable products therefore it is very important to raise awareness of these companies of the available opportunities throughout international experience. He pointed out that the aim of Ithraa organization of this event is to encourage Omani companies of difference sizes to market their products outside the local and traditional markets.

Source: Oman News Agency