Muscat, Omani voters outside the Sultanate will

take part in the Majlis A'Shura 9th Term Elections by using distance

voting on smartphones that operate on the mobile SIM card of the

telecom companies operating in the Sultanate, supported by Public

Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. It will be implemented for the first

time as part of the keenness of the Sultanate's Government,

represented by the Ministry of Interior, to provide all Omani voters the

opportunity to exercise their voting right.

The ministry set 19 October (Saturday), as the voting date for

Omani citizens abroad, as well as members of the committees and

those who assist in the electoral process from 8 am to 8 pm on the

same day.

A total of 717 candidates including 40 women will be vying for

86 seats in Majlis A'Shura, which consists of members who are

representing different wilayats.

The use of this application is a confirmation of the Interior

Ministry's endeavor to develop the electoral process using modern

technologies that allow citizens to participate in the elections with ease.

The system will be available on the /Apple Store/ and / Google Play /

platforms outside the Sultanate. It will be activated on the voting day

and is available to citizens registered in the electoral register and are

currently outside the Sultanate.

Eng. Sulaiman bin Abdul Rahim al-Zedjali, Head of the

Technical Support Committee for the Majlis A'Shura 9th Term Elections,

explained that the Ministry of Interior has carried out many trials on the

distance voting system. He added, "There will be other trials, including

a pilot voting to measure the flow of data and the accuracy of the

obtained data". He affirmed that the ministry has worked continuously

in each of the previous elections of Majlis A'Shura and in the two

elections of the members of the Municipal Councils to develop the

electoral process and distance voting.

He pointed out that on the day of distance voting, there will be

several technical teams that will follow up on its implementation as the

work will be conducted through working groups devoted to this subject,

in cooperation and coordination between the Ministry of Interior and

telecom companies operating in the Sultanate, as well as the

Information Technology Authority (ITA), the Royal Oman Police (ROP)

and the Directorate General of Civil Status.

The ministry stated that the voters, to be able to cast his/her

vote while presently outside the Sultanate, must have a mobile

smartphone or tablet device that includes a SIM card and a front

camera. They also need to make sure that the international roaming

feature is available in the chip supported by the PKI of his/her phone.

Source: Oman News Agency