Cairo, The Sultanate has reaffirmed its permanent stand in support for Arab solidarity and all that serves the realization of aspirations of the Arab nation.

Oman also expressed its staunch backing for the stability of the region based on promoting the logic of peace and advocating the settlement of disputes through understanding, dialogue and tolerance.

This was stated in the Sultanate’s speech before the ministerial meeting of the 156th ordinary session of the Arab League (AL) here today. The meeting, which began earlier in the day at AL headquarters here under the chairmanship of the State of Kuwait, saw the participation of AL Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit. Oman’s delegation was headed by Abdullah Nassir Al Rahbi, the Sultanate’s Ambassador to Egypt and its Permanent Representative to the Arab League.

“Oman is looking forward to the development of AL’s performance in a manner that addresses the challenges and developments in the regional and international arenas, while at the same time cementing Arab joint action and invigorating Arab solidarity,” said Al Rahbi.

In the speech, the Sultanate stressed the need to address pending Arab issues, on top of which comes the Palestinian issue, and activating the peace process.

The Palestinian cause is the Arab people’s central issue, which lays emphasis on the Arab identity of Al Quds (Jerusalem) as the Capital of the State of Palestine, said the Sultanate.

Meanwhile, Oman urged all parties to the conflict in Yemen to go for constructive dialogue with the prime aim of finding a peaceful solution and enhancing the efforts of Hans Grunberg, UN Special Envoy for Yemen.

The Sultanate also underlined the significance of shoring up the unity of Libya and consolidating the pillars of stability of peace. It called upon all Arab brethren to rally the efforts of Libyan parties towards this objective.

Oman voiced similar pleas in support of Syria and Somalia to help establish lasting peace, security and stability and secure the two countries’ territorial unity.

In its speech, Oman also expressed solidarity with Egypt and Sudan amid efforts exerted to resolve the dispute about the Ethiopian dam.

During their 156th AL meeting, Arab foreign ministers will discuss the topics of the agenda for the forthcoming period. Joint Arab action, the Palestinian issue, the Arab-Israeli conflict top the agenda, which addresses a cluster of international, political, economic, social, human and legal issues.

Source: Oman News Agency