Oman Rally Championship to Kick-off Friday

Muscat, Oman Rally Championship (2018-2019),

which is organized by the Oman Automobile Association (OAA), will

kick-off this Friday.

OAA completed the final preparations for the tour, which will be held

in 4 stages, divided between the villages of Sa’al and Al-Amqat in the

Wilayat of Bidbid in the Governorate of A’Dakhliya with a total length of

about 76 km.

OAA conducted a number of field visits in this aspect and formed a

number of committees to follow the rally and the safety of the

contestants at all stages. Oman Rally Championship is an important

event which has been organized by OAA for many years and always

receives wide acclaim by the contestants.

Source: Oman News Agency