Oman Participates in Session of Arab Information Ministers Executive Office

Cairo, The Sultanate took part in the 13th session of the Executive Office of the Arab Information Ministers Council, held at the Arab League premises here.

Ali Khalfan al-Jabri, Information Ministry’s Under-Secretary for Information, represented the Sultanate at the meeting.

Chaired by Iraq, the session discussed the agenda of Arab Information Ministers Council scheduled to convene here tomorrow (Wednesday) under the chairmanship of Sudan.

The session also dealt with recommendations submitted by the Permanent Arab Information Media Committee at the conclusion of its 95th session on Sunday this week. The recommendations will be presented to the Arab Information Ministers Council tomorrow for review and endorsement.

Ahmed Rasheed Khattabi, Assistant Secretary General and Supervisor on the information and communication sector at the Arab League, said that a climate of ambiance prevailed in the meetings of the Permanent Arab Information Media Committee that were held in preparation for the Arab information ministers council’s session.

The Committee looked into current topics in the Arab arena, topped by the Palestinian issue, said Khattabi, who affirmed that the Palestinian issue will continue to be a central issue and one of the most important priorities of Arab information ministers council.

Khattabi added that the Palestinian cause takes centre stage among determinants of Arab action and decisions of the Arab League that support Palestinian legitimate rights, notably their right to establish their independent country with the 1967 borders, and East Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Oman News Agency