Cairo, The Sultanate took part in the Arab League (AL) Council’s 156th session, held at permanent representatives’ level, to prepare for a ministerial meeting scheduled to be convened here after tomorrow (Thursday).

Oman’s delegation at the session was headed by Abdullah Nasser Al Rahbi, the Sultanate’s Ambassador to Egypt and its Permanent Representative to the Arab League.

The meeting discussed the agenda of the Arab League ministerial session, which covers 7 basic items pertaining to joint Arab action and political, security, economic, social, financial and administrative issues.

Main topics of the draft agenda deal with the Palestinian issue, including Israeli aggressions and incursion in the occupied city of Al Quds (Jerusalem), developments in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and the security of navigation and flow of energy supplies via the Arab Gulf region.

Parts of the draft agenda are dedicated to Arab relations with regional and international blocs, Arab-European relations, Arab-Russian relations and Arab relations with Japan, India, China and Latin America. The agenda also covers the Arab League’s cooperation with the United Nations (UN).

Source: Oman News Agency