Muscat, The second edition of Oman Human Resources Forum, entitled

“ProductivityResponsibilities and Required Procedures” was opened today under the

patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al- Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service. The forum is

organized by al Roya Newspaper as part of the Media Initiatives Approach.

The working papers and discussions in the forum called for the launch of a national index

to measure productivity according to agreed standards and an application mechanism that

ensures the best results at the level of public and private institutions.

The Minister of Civil Service gave a presentation entitled “Motivation and its Impact on

Productivity”. He started by defining the productivity, which is the outputs rate obtained by

using specific inputs according to specific criteria and goals that are determined in


The conference included four themes: namely ” Productivity … Measures and

Indicators”,” Success Stories in Enhancing Productivity”, ‘”The Role of Human Resources

in Enhancing Productivity”, “

Possible Legislation to Enhance Productivity”.

The forum was accompanied by a training workshop for the entrepreneurs on ” The Tools

of Productivity Activation and Measurement Methods presented by trainer Said bin Abdul

Karim al-Balushi.

Source: Oman News Agency