Oman Ground Handling Signs Three Agreements with International Airlines

Muscat, Oman Grounding Handling company

today signed three agreements to provide ground handling services

with a number of international airlines, namely Swiss International

Airlines, Turkish Cargo Airlines and Go Air Airline at the Sundus Rotana

Hotel in Muscat.

These agreements are a translation of Oman Ground Handling in

providing distinctive services for ground handling and continuous

developments in terms of excellence and efficiency in the services

provided, which was the main reason for Oman Ground Handling for

obtaining the tenders offered by these Airlines as a leading provider of

handling services with high quality. The agreements aim to develop the

partnership between Oman Ground Handling and its partners to

enhance cooperation and investment in aviation services in the


These agreements have been made with: Swiss International

Airlines, one of the best airlines operating more frequently through

Muscat International Airport, operating seven flights a week from Zurich

to Muscat. Turkish Cargo Airlines, which has recently started operating

air cargo flights twice a week from Istanbul’s Airport to Muscat

International Airport. Air India (Go Air) is a low-cost carrier based in

Mumbai, India. Its operations will begin in Muscat on February 1, 2019

and will be scheduled for 7 flights a week from Kannur International

Airport to Muscat International Airport.

In this regard, Dr. Khalfan bin Saeed al-Shueili, Chief Executive

Officer of Oman Aviation Services, said: “Oman Ground Handling

seeks to develop its ground-based services by investing in staff,

equipment and modern technologies that have been enhanced by the

company’s recent capabilities and safety universally. Since its inception

over the years, Oman Ground Handling has been experiencing ground

handling services with 95% performance accuracy and speed, as well

as a high performance in the handling of bags and the level of

production in various services. The number of airlines providing ground

services at Oman’s airports is 35 airlines, more than 120,000 flights and

15 million passengers a year.

He added “what distinguishes our ground handling services is the

level of quality and professionalism offered by our Omani staff for

ground handling and we will continue to work in line with our unique

strategy to upgrade all services and accomplish the best achievements

in various fields of operations”.

Source: Oman News Agency