Muscat, Government and business are teaming

up to help more local companies boost their overseas sales at Ithraa's

Oman's Export Week (OEW19) during 27 - 31 October at Oman

Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Held under the patronage of Ahmed bin Hassan al-Dheeb,

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and

focussing on SMEs, OEW19 will give Omani enterprises access to

support from international and local experts with experience in over 50

countries, unlocking the chance to penetrate global markets and boost


The challenge to grow exports is a long-term one. While quick wins

are great and motivating, what we're striving for is sustained export

growth. This is definitely a marathon not a sprint, explained Ishaq al-

Busaidi, Ithraa's Director General for Marketing and Media, OEW19


He added, Since last year's Export Week, we've been

impressed with the way local businesses have taken on the export

challenge. The number of companies seeking export advice has

increased as has the number of firms participating in Ithraa-organized

international trade shows. To maintain this momentum and introduce

even more of our home-grown enterprises to the international arena,

we've organized OEW19.

Generously supported by SV Pittie Sohar Textiles and working

with key partners that include ASYAD, Madayn, Credit Oman, Riyada,

the Industrial Innovation Centre and the Oman Chamber of Commerce

and Industry (OCCI), OEW19 comprises five full-day workshops

covering M-commerce, product design, packaging, logistics, digital

marketing, finance and branding.

Al-Busaidi went on to discuss IMF research, which shows that

by 2050, emerging markets will likely dominate the majority of the

world's top 10 economies with China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and

Mexico looking set to rank alongside the US and EU.?He noted that

economic power will continue shifting towards emerging economies

and Omani businesses getting their global exporting strategy right will

undoubtedly profit.

It makes sense that local businesses will want to explore markets that

will dominate the global economy 20 years from now. Indeed, Oman's

future prosperity won't come from relying on the domestic market

alone. We want to make sure local businesses of all sizes and from all

sectors aren't just trading abroad but thriving there and competing

successfully with the best in the world, explained al-Busaidi.

Nasima al-Balushi, Ithraa's Director General of Investment and

Export said, It's vital that more local businesses expand into fast-

growing markets. We have made serious inroads, particularly across

the GCC and in India. We're also looking at Africa, taking a large trade

delegation in January 2020 to an Omani products trade show in

Rwanda. Ithraa is here to help Omani companies take advantage of the

wealth of business opportunities out there.

Al-Busaidi believed OEW19 will boost the confidence of local

firms, make exporting achievable, equipping them the tools, know-how

and insight needed to take their business global. We firmly believe

October's five-day program will help Omani businesses succeed

abroad, he said.

Through OEW19, participating companies can access practical

information on export topics, connect and engage with a range of

exporters and explore the latest international opportunities for their

business. In addition to accessing government advice, through

international trade advisors based at Ithraa, participants will also

receive support from marketing, branding, packaging, logistics, finance

and M-commerce experts.

Source: Oman News Agency