Muscat, Alam Al Hijn magazine, a specialized magazine in camel culture and heritage announced launching the first of its kind specialized award in the world in the field of camel arts and literature.

Dr. Ahmed bin Sulayem al- Junaibi, General Supervisor of Alam Al Hijn magazine said during a press conference which was held today at the magazine premises that the award stresses the government interest in the Omani camel and those caring for it.

He added that this initiative comes in a bid to activate the role played by Alam Al Hijn magazine to enhance cooperation among camel sector stakeholders to encourage youths to develop this field. He noted that the award will cover 8 fields namely sports, social, culture, art, craft industries, media, social responsibility and academic fields.

On his part Salim bin Saif al- Maamari, Director of Races at the Omani Camel Racing Federation said that the first of its kind award by Alam Al Hijn magazine and the Omani Camel Racing Federation will provide a platform for competition among camel owners and trainers from the different parts of the Sultanate.

It should be noted that Sayyid Asa’ad bin Tariq al- Said is the honorary chairman of Alam Al Hijn magazine since its establishment in 2014. The magazine has published 13 issues and organized a number of events. It provides coverage for the events taking place inside and outside the Sultanate and shed light on the key achievements made by the Omani camels and trainers.

Source: Oman News Agency