ALBERTA, Canada, Oman Air is one of the top five most secure and safe airlines in the world by 2018, according to the latest classification of the airline’s “Flight Classifications” website.

According to the classification of the site, Oman Air won first position in the Arab and Gulf countries, and third in the list of five most secure companies in the world, according to several indicators, based on the classification, taking into account previous incidents, the average age of fleets under classification, and auditing by government and regulators in the aviation industry.

The report said that, the Sultanate of Oman is one of the best non-hustle-bustling tourist destinations, and Oman Air has made the Sultanate, on the top 20 aviation safety rating for 2018.

The list, together with Oman Air, includes both Canadian Airlines, which, according to the report, is one of the world’s most trusted airlines, according to the 2018 Aviation Safety Rating, and West Jet Canada, as one of the most low-cost carriers, in addition to Australian Qantas Airways, and finally the American Hawaiian Airlines, which began to fly in 1929, with no accident in its record, all this time.