Muscat, Oman Chamber of Commerce and

Industry (OCCI) today organized a meeting on the application of excise

tax for employers and business owners to introduce the mechanism of

applying the excise tax and its requirements and the mechanism of

calculating them starting June 15th.

During the meeting, the concept of excise taxation was introduced,

along with selective goods, the method of calculating the due tax, the

standard price, exemptions from the tax and the requirements of

compliance with the excise tax. The meeting also discussed the

readiness of the General Secretariat of Taxation to apply the tax.

Sulaiman bin Salim al-A’di, Director General of Taxation and Tax

Agreements and Head of the Excise Tax Implementation Team at the

General Secretariat of Taxation, said that the aim of applying the excise

tax is to promote healthy life and remedy negative practices by

modifying the consumption pattern of individuals and representing an

additional source of public finance for health and social care.

He pointed out that the commodities subject to excise taxation were

agreed upon within the framework of the GCC countries, indicating that

the goods subject to excise tax were determined in the Sultanate by a

decision of the Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs, after the

approval of the Council of Ministers, namely pork, energy drinks,

alcohol, tobacco and its derivatives.

He pointed out that the tax is due to the importer, the producer and the

consumer. He pointed out that the tax is due on the date in which the

selective goods are put up for consumption. Selective goods are

available for consumption at production and at the time of importation,

and upon release from any suspended tax status and in case of


Source: Oman News Agency