OCCI Delegation Visits Istanbul Expo

Istanbul, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) organized a visit to an Omani trade delegation of businessmen and businesswomen and representatives of SMEs to the Republic of Turkey.

The delegation visited the Istanbul Expo for Medical Furniture and Mattresses to view the offers, services and products of the Turkish companies and factories participating in the exhibition. The exhibition presents the latest exhibits in the world of furniture and industry requirements.

The delegation also discussed opportunities and areas of investment and trade between Omani companies and their Turkish counterparts, as well as other companies visiting the exhibition.

The Omani delegation visited some Turkish factories specialized in the field of furniture and related industries to learn about the expertise and techniques used in these industries and to explore the possibility of benefiting from them.

Head of the delegation, Ahmed bin Abdul Karim al-Hooti, said that the visit comes within the framework of enabling the Chamber’s employees to learn about the latest developments in the economic sectors in their various specialized activities and to contribute to supporting Omani companies and institutions in obtaining the latest technologies and expertise available through participating in such international exhibitions. He added that OCCI supports these companies and institutions in their orientation to find potential business partners, as well as marketing products and services to those companies in the regional and global markets to cope with economic changes in various fields.

Source: Oman News Agency