Muscat, Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production LLC (OOCEP) has

recently announced its achievement of 10 Million Man-Hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI)

across all operating assets.

The latest milestone illustrates the Company’s strong commitment towards establishing a

culture of safety which is embraced by its entire staff and contractors to drive operational

excellence. Lost Time Injury (LTI) is a measure of safety in the workplace. It generally

refers to a work-related injury or occupational illness that prevents a person from working on

at least one subsequent scheduled work day.

The new record extends to over 800 days without LTI to any of its personnel including

contractor staff and indicates the Company’s continuing vigorous attention to the safety and

health of employees and contractors.

This is indeed a major milestone which is exemplary to other Oman Oil group

Companies (OOC). Achieving such a great milestone is quite inspiring to all of us in such a

challenging sector. HSSE management is our core responsibility and it is a duty to our staff

and contractors. The company is underscoring the value of safety in the oil and gas

industry. We are very delighted with this achievement. This has come as a result of

teamwork in promoting a culture of vigilance for safety in everyone including our contractors

and partners. said Nasser al-Ya’arubi, Senior Manager of Resilience (HSSE).

OOCEP strives to inculcate a culture where high standards of safety through risk

management and legal compliance are valued and implemented to ensure that an incident-

free working environment is realized and all our stakeholders, asset, environment and

reputation remain free from harm.

OOCEP’s inspiring safety culture encompasses various levels of emergency, crisis, and

business continuity exercises in conjunction with relevant local authorities. We hold regular

advance emergency response training for company staff and teams working within our

operating assets. Periodic health and safety campaigns for the workforce are regularly

conducted. These programs bring collective attention to potential risks and threats to our

business and how these may be prevented before they turn into incidents that can cause


Ensuring rapid recovery to normalize business following any disruptive events is an

integral part of our Business Continuity Plan.

OOCEP has been actively engaging with the local community to spread HSE awareness

through seminars and events organized by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and

schools in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

The Company has also empowered its staff and contractors to report unsafe acts and

conditions at work using the mobile application INTELEX MOBILE that eases the

reporting and follow up the process to ensure timely rectification.

OOCEP implements a robust HSE Management System to minimize exposure to hazards

and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The HSE Management System is aligned with

the international standards ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 to enable continuous improvement

and help integrate HSE across all departments under one integrated management system

(IMS) standardized across all company assets.

To enable and sustain the commitments made in the HSE, Security and Crisis and

Business Continuity Management policies, the leadership will continue to play a pivotal role

by engaging and supporting various company operations in carrying out their activities


Source: Oman News Agency