OBC Uses Fiber Optic Cables through Water Pipes

Muscat, Oman Broadband Company (OBC), in

collaboration with local partner Swift Beam, has developed the

technology of Atlantis Hydrotec exclusively manufactured by Craley

Limited, which enables the extension of fiber optic cables through

water pipes without the need for excavation work.

The technology will reduce excavation work in homes of

subscribers, as well as reducing the presence of installation workers to

a record time of about two hours. It will also reduce the noise

compared to traditional methods.

Atlantis Hydrotec is based on the extension of a small diameter

tube inside the water pipe, which is used to fill the water tank with

water tankers from the outer wall of the house to the roof of the house

or anywhere else that makes it easy to reach the house. The small

tube is used to pass the fiber-optic cable to the point to be reached.

OBC used the Atlantis Hydrotec technology for the first time in

the Middle East by connecting a subscriber’s home to a 1 GB Internet

package with the same technology.

Source: Oman News Agency