OAPFD Launches PFD Online System

Muscat, In line with the orientations and strategy

of the Sultanate to implement e-government and develop the digital

society, the Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD)

launches PFD System, which will facilitate the implementation of the

PFD programme and its projects. More than 30 government entities and

companies (contractors) who are obliged to implement the PFD

Programme attended the launching ceremony today.

The PFD system include Industrial Mapping module, which is a

platform to encourage the contractors and OEMs who are obligors to

assess and consider the local industry as part of their internal supply

chain to work together in order to develop the local capabilities and

capacities. Local companies can register in the system under specific

industries and areas of specialisation and enter as potential partners

with the Obligors (international companies) that are committed to the

Partnership for Development Programme during the PFD project

implementation in Oman. This is considered as direct PFD or ICV and

aims to develop Omani human capital and increase the productivity of

the local economy.

The PFD online System will assist in the implementation of the

PFD programme more easily and effectively. The system will further

ensure the successful implementation of the programme by providing

continuous periodic reports of the overall status of PFD programme

implementation by stakeholders.

Moreover, the system will create direct business partnerships

between local and international companies, develop and strengthen

“local capability and capacity” and reduce the proportion of imports

and domestic production ratio in line with the strategy of the national

economy, as well as to facilitate local trade and the process of opening

foreign markets for the export of local products.

Dr. Dhafir al-Shanfari, CEO of OAPFD said; “The PFD system is

an integrated electronic system that brings together government

entities, foreign companies and investors in Oman under one umbrella

to creating economic partnerships together which will definitely have an

impact on the improvement of the national economy. Moreover, the

advantage of this industry mapping system is that it will conduct a

comprehensive survey of Omani companies in industrial and free zones

as well as small and medium enterprises and others, which will

highlight the scope and capabilities of these companies and introduce

the local companies to create partnerships with international

companies in the same industry. The project will analyse the domestic

demands and imports, assess the local companies’ capabilities and

work towards closing the gaps in the local capabilities and capacities

through partnerships with international companies. Thus,

systematically enhancing the local companies’ execution capabilities

within the Industry and developing the local industry.”

He added: “the PFD System is the third new project we

launched this year and the total of OAPFD operational Projects is 9

and we work to launch other two projects in the field of transferring

technology and knowledge.”

Rahma al-Reyamy, OAPFD Consultant and PFD System

Manager, said:”we are glad to launch the first phase of the PFD

system, which will facilitate the effective implementation of the PFD

programme and will enable us to track the performance and come up

with more accurate reports. The next phase will be a stage for

measuring the effectiveness and success of the system”.

OAPFD hosted a series of pilot training for PFD online system

that were attended by selected government entities and companies

(contractors) who are obliged to implement the PFD Programme.

During the sessions, we presented the process of applying PFD

programme by using PFD/ICV online system to ensure that all

requirements are met through feedback from the participants of the


Source: Oman News Agency