NRAA to Hold its 7th International Conference in Oct.

Muscat, The National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) confirmed that preparations are underway for the Seventh International Conference, which will be organized by the Authority in Muscat from October 8thto 10th, under the title “The Omani British Relations adding that a number of working papers for researchers from inside and outside the Sultanate have been approved on various themes of the conference.

Waleed bin Ali bin Mohammed al-Abri, Assistant Director of Research and Studies at NRAA told the Oman News Agency (ONA) that “work is under way to prepare the conference program and distribute the working papers on the three days of the conference, and the work continues in the technical, logistical and organizational aspects.”

He added that the conference will be held at Kempinski Al Mouj Muscat Hotel. The conference’s vision is to document and study the Omani-British relations. It aims at specialists in history, politics and economics, specialists in the history of Oman and the history of Britain, those interested in scientific research in this field, intellectuals and writers from inside and outside the Sultanate and the community at large who are interested in such activities, students of institutions of higher education in the Sultanate, especially students of social sciences and humanities and students of history and politics.

The mission of the conference is to analyze and discuss the history of the Omani-British relations and their cultural role in various fields during the historical period from the 17th to the 19th century. It aims to study the dimensions of Omani-British relations and their effects in various fields, and highlight treaties and agreements in the economic, political fields, highlighting the different areas of cooperation between Oman and Britain, studying the effects of the British position on the internal situation in Oman, examining the size of the economic competition between Britain and European countries in Oman highlighting the role of ships and Omani commercial fleet in the Indian ocean, in addition to the review and analysis of documents and manuscripts relating to Oman in British libraries and archives.

Source: Oman News Agency