Zanzibar, Saif Ali Iddi, Vice- President of Zanzibar Government,

received Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed al- Dhoyani, Chairman of the National Records and

Archives Authority (NRAA) and his accompanying delegation within the framework of his

visit which aims at activating the Memorandum of understanding signed between NRAA and

the Zanzibar National Archives (NZA) in the field of documents and archives, which provides

for “conservation and digitization and exchange of copies of historical documents between

NRAA and the Government of Zanzibar.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on the cooperation between NRAA

and the documentary institutions in Zanzibar, the mechanism of activating joint work in the

civilizational and historical aspects between the two sides. Vice-President of Zanzibar

Government was briefed on the efforts of NRAA to provide technical assistance in order to

preserve the historical identity of the two countries. He praised the good efforts to

strengthen areas of cooperation between the two institutions.

NRAA Chairman also met with Mahmoud Thabit Kombo Zanzibar’s Minister of Information,

Tourism and Antiques. During the meeting, they discussed aspects of joint cooperation in

order to activate the aforementioned memorandum of understanding and mechanism of

implementing joint programs in various fields. They also discussed the areas of support

that NRAA can provide in order to preserve the common heritage between the two sides.

NRAA Chairman submitted a presentation about NRAA, its role, competencies and

objectives. NRAA Chairman accompanied by Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, Minister of

Information, Tourism and Antiques in the Government of Zanzibar, visited the historical and

cultural monuments linking the two sides in Zanzibar, where he visited the Sahel House, the

Royal Cemetery, the Old Castle and some other landmarks.

The activation of the signed MoU comes on the basis of the distinguished relations

between the Sultanate of Oman and the Republic of Tanzania and the desire of the two

countries to enhance and develop cooperation in the fields of documents and archives for

the mutual interests of the two countries.

Source: Oman News Agency