Paris, A French novelist from the Guadeloupe

region in the Caribbean, Maris Conde, won the Nobel Prize for

Literature, which has never been awarded to a writer in French.

Conde, who brings together three continents (America, Africa

and France), is the great lady of Francophone literature. Her work has

been translated into several languages, especially those related to the

contemporary history and thought of the postcolonial period and

women’s affairs.

In her work, the author describes in a precise way the

devastation caused by colonialism and the damage that followed,

according to the commentary of the jury of the New Academy, which

awards the new literary prize as an alternative to the Nobel Prize, which

was not granted this year.

Condi’s novels tell the fate of Guadeloupe women, and her fate

across mother Africa, Europe and the United States, where she has

been a teacher for more than two decades (1985-2003).

The work of the new title holder is classified as classic and are

taught in many schools and universities around the world. The writer’s

name has recently been cited as a strong candidate for the Nobel Prize

for Literature.

Source: Oman News Agency