No Decision Taken Yet about the Wall, US Acting Defense Secretary

Washington, Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick

Shanahan said no decision had yet been made on the financing of the

wall, which President Donald Trump wants to build on the border with

Mexico from the Pentagon budget.

“We have not made any decision yet,” Shanahan told reporters on

the plane heading back to Washington from Munich. “The Pentagon

has been prepared for such a possibility and has conducted a study on

possible sources of funding for the construction of the wall.

“I will go and review this study now that the state of emergency has

been declared, and based on this study, we can assess what is

appropriate,” he said.

Shanahan was in Munich at an international conference when US

President Donald Trump announced last Friday the state of

emergency, an exceptional measure that theoretically allows him to

bypass Congress and use funds from the federal emergency budget to

build the wall he wants to stop illegal immigration.

Source: Oman News Agency