The National News Agency pursued its visit Thursday, as part of the Foreign Press Association mission in Rome, to the historic city of Pompeii in southern Italy.

Pompeii, which falls 220 kilometers in the south of Rome, is one of the most important historic cities in the world. The Vesuvius volcano in 1979 transformed it from a thriving city into a disaster-stricken city due to burning lava, dust and successive earthquakes. In Italy, volcanoes have historically destroyed some of the oldest cities, but the Italian city of Pompeii has dramatically different stories, for it was buried under the ashes in 1600 until it was discovered in the 18th century.

Despite the great risks posed by the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, there are a large number of towns adjacent to Mount Vesuvius, surrounded by various sides, with more than 500,000 residents, mainly for two reasons, the mayor of Somma Vesuviana told NNA. "The first reason is the lack of other places to go to and the fertility of its land and rich agriculture, while the second reason lies in the number of precious metals that the population is living on, through manufacture and trade," he said.

"The city, which was destroyed by the volcanic eruption in 1979, was one of the richest and most prosperous cities in the Roman Empire, and its inhabitants were victims of the volcano," Francesca Saviano, who specializes in the history of the city, told NNA.

She added: "The discovered ruins point to the existence of many villas, public baths and the luxurious life of the inhabitants of the city and the prosperity of commercial relations, especially with their surroundings in the Mediterranean region."

"The volcanic eruption occurred so quickly and so strongly, that none of the population members was able to take any precautions at the beginning, and tests carried out on eighty bodies indicate that they were in normal conditionsIt is clear that the initial explosion was followed by others, along with the flow of lava and ash, in addition to the emissions of toxic gases that killed humans before lava and ash arrived," indicated Saviano.

Source: National News Agency