Barka, Competition and excitement will return

to Al Rahba Racecourse in the Wilayat of Barka tomorrow (Thursday)

while opening the new season of horse races. The first race of the

season is organised by the Royal Horse Racing Club (RHRC) in view of

the fierce competition in the season, due to the presence of new

globally rated horses that entered the Sultanate, in addition to the

horses of local production, which descend from authentic original of

Arabian stallions.

It appears from the list of horses participating in the first race

that the competition will peak right at the beginning, with six races out

of eight will be devoted for pure Arabian horses and two races for

thoroughbred horses, including a number of horses that won first

places in the previous seasons.

The attention goes to the horses that will participate for the first

time by virtue of knowledge of their potentials and performance on the

dirt turf of Al Rahba racecourse and the ratings obtained when

registering at the RHRC, which allows them to participate in the

suitable race for each horse.

The horse racing enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of the

horse racing season in the Al Rahba Farm in the Wilayat of Barka.

They have hero horses to support, compete among themselves, name

winners of the races, cheering from the stands, as horse races have

wide base of fans in the Sultanate who go to Al Rahba Farm to enjoy

this ancient sport.

Source: Oman News Agency