New Academic Year 2018/2019 Kicks off

Muscat, Students from different schools in the Sultanate’s governorates

began their new academic year 2018/2019, which had started last week with teaching and

administrative staff and supporting groups reported to work.

The number of public school students is estimated at 604,767 students, an increase of

16428 students over the last academic year. Of these, 304,050 male students and 300717

female students will be enrolled in 1159 schools, an increase of 34 schools compared to

last year.

The number of basic education schools is expected to reach 1032. The number of 10-

12 grade schools reached 107 schools, an increase of 8 schools compared to last year.

The number of 11-12 schools is 20 schools, a decrease of (6) schools for last year. It is

also expected that the number of teachers this year are (56091) with (10,868)

administrative and technical staff.

The number of schools operating in the morning period will reach (1123) schools,

representing (97%) an increase of (27) schools compared to last year. The number of

schools that will work in the evening period will not exceed 36 schools by the end of the

year 2018, representing 3 percent.

The number of students who attend morning schools are 583573. 21724 students attend

evening schools.

Dr. Madiha bint Ahmed al- Shaibaniyah, Minister of Education congratulated educators

working in the field of education and new teachers who joined the educational family on this

occasion wishing all success.

Source: Oman News Agency