Necessary Water Intake Varies Among People Based on Environment, Health, Age: Study

Tokyo, A new study shows that there is no easy way to pinpoint how much water you need to drink regularly.

Researchers looked at the water intake and patterns of more than 5,000 people across 26 countries and found that how much water our bodies actually require depends on a myriad of factors, including environment, health and age.

Water turnover refers to how much water our bodies use in a day, which indicates how much water we need to be consuming daily through food and drink in order to replace it, but it’s not something that is static across all people.

This new study, published last week in the peer-reviewed journal Science, found that the daily average of optimal water consumption ranges between one litre per day and six litres per day depending on the person, which makes pinpointing a guideline difficult.

They found that age, body size, physical activity level, athletic status and pregnancy all appeared to have measurable impacts on how much water a person goes through on a daily basis, with physical activity levels making up the largest difference in water turnover.

But factors unrelated to the physical body also appeared to play a role, with researchers finding that water turnover rates seemed to also be connected to socioeconomic status and environmental factors such as latitude, altitude, temperature and humidity.

Source: Oman News Agency