Muscat, The National Seminar on Combatting

Human Trafficking was concluded at Sheraton Hotel in Muscat today

under the patronage of Hussein bin Ali al-Hilali, Attorney General.

The two-day seminar was organised by the Sultanate,

represented by the National Committee for Combating Human

Trafficking (NCCHT) in conjunction with the United Nations Office on

Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for the GCC Countries.

The seminar recommended training a team of national experts

and trainers to use them as experts at the national level, as well as in

the United Nations (UN) programmes at the regional and international

levels to present the model of the Sultanate.

The seminar also recommended cooperation and emphasizing

the importance of building the capacity of cadres working in the

national authorities in order to establish and activate the departments

and teams specialised in human trafficking cases (Royal Oman Police,

Public Prosecution, Judiciary, Ministry of Manpower and the Housing


Further, the seminar stressed the importance of providing

support in the design and implementation of a national awareness and

prevention initiative to introduce the phenomenon and how to deal with

it through the hotline and awareness programmes.

The seminar called for building capacities of the media on human

trafficking crimes, based on the training manual of the United Nations

to activate their role as an active partner in the face of this


The seminar also recommended the need to cooperate in

coordinating and activating the rapid intervention team in line with the

national referral system for victims of human trafficking in cooperation

and partnership with all concerned national bodies and under the

supervision of NCCHT members according to its mechanisms and the

way it deems appropriate, with taking into consideration to view

experiences of partner states and sharing such experiences.

Further, the seminar stressed the importance of cooperation in

coordinating national efforts in the field of international cooperation on

human trafficking issues.

The national seminar is part of UNODC’s efforts to build the

capacity of workers in various fields in the Arab countries to combat

human trafficking, with the participation of experts in this field to

consult on how best to address the crime of human trafficking and to

identify best practices in referring victims.

The seminar aimed to provide UN standards, guidelines, statistics

and studies, as well as referral of victims by providing an international

and legal perspective on the investigation of all forms of this crime. It

also aimed to support national and regional cooperation and

communication with relevant authorities and law enforcement agencies

concerned with referring victims in a bid to upgrade the Sultanate’s

efforts at the international level.

At the end of the seminar, the chief guest distributed

certificates to the participants.

Source: Oman News Agency