Muscat, For the first time in the Sultanate, the

National Heart Center in the Royal Hospital today launched a newest

pacemaker implantation service of the type “Leadless Pacemaker” for

the adult patients suffering from heart muscle weakness.

Launching such service is in line with the latest therapeutic

technologies at the international level, which contribute to promote the

specialised healthcare in the Sultanate especially in the cardiovascular

diseases. It also considers as an option for patients who cannot implant

other pacemaker devices.

These devices are characterized by several advantages including,

small size, free of wires, the easy and smooth implantation in the heart

muscle cavity, avoiding scarringetc.

The catheter to implant the “Leadless Pacemaker” device has

performed by a medical team from the National Heart Center headed

by Dr. Najeeb al-Rawahi, Electrocardiology Senior Consultant at the

Center with the assistance of Dr. Ismail al-Abri, Electrocardiology

Consultant, in cooperation with heart technicians and nursing cadres.

Source: Oman News Agency